Professional Water Sports

Professional Water Sports


For Kayaking fans, Fun N Sun gives you a trip of a lifetime. Imagine yourself in a transparent kayak as the mysteries of the ocean unfold before you. Exercise your muscles and rejuvenates your senses with Jordan’s first see-through kayaks. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience where the fresh sea breeze tickles your senses and the beauty of the coral takes your breath away.

Wind Surfing

Experience the adventure of travelling with the wind in the expanse of Aqaba’s waters. Feel the cool gulf breeze brush against your body as you steer your boat towards the magnificent Aqaba attractions. Fun N Sun brings you the best windsurfing boats to ride with family and friends. Don’t have any windsurfing skills? Have no worries, Fun N’ Sun’s expert team is there to guide you through hours and hours of excitement and ensure your safety in the sea.

Kite Surfing

Kite-surfing is a sport which can be learned relatively easy by every active and willing person.  In general, no one is too young or old for this sport.  For your first experience Fun N Sun will allow you to experience kite-surfing like a professional with an unforgettable memory. Even if it might look difficult at first sight, kite-surfing can be learned quite fast and easily. A few tough steps at first but the second you glide over the water the sun and the salty water on your skin, the wind blowing into your face and beautiful landscapes around you – you’ll be hooked within the first minute!

Fly Board

It’s time to fly! With Fun N Sun you can put on water-powered boots and hover over the sea and experience a dive down like a dolphin! Experience the thrill of flight with one of the world’s most exciting new water activities.  All you need is your enthusiasm, a brief orientation on land and in the water with an expert instructor to coach you through your flight. Learn to balance, move your feet, and levitate as you get the hang of the Fly-board.  Book your fly-board time today and enjoy everyone watching you fly.

Wakeboard and Water Skiing

Looking for a more challenging water sport because you have tried it all? Want to have fun while balancing your legs and focusing on your upper body strength while gliding on the surface of the Red Sea? Book your Wakeboarding time with Fun N Sun and be couched by the best instructors to feel the power of being tugged and gliding over the sea and enjoy an experience like never before!